The Do's and Don'ts to Avoid Cakey Makeup

The Do's and Don'ts to Avoid Cakey Makeup

In today’s makeup world, full face makeup has been all the rage. While a full face can inhibit confidence in an individual, sometimes doing too much can lead to a cakey look. Let’s look at some of the Do’s and Don’ts to avoid cakey makeup:

  1. Keep your under-eye area hydrated….MOISTURIZE!!

            Makeup tends to cling the worst to parts of the face with the most creases. In order to avoid your concealer from creasing and looking cakey, invest in a face spray that includes squalene, an oil sustainably derived from sugarcane.  


    2. Choose the right foundation for your skin type


            Identifying the type of skin type that you have is key to avoiding a cakey makeup look. The goal of foundation is to look natural and enhance your skin’s shine-not dull it. If you have an oily skin type, buying an oil-free foundation will help keep your foundation from sinking into your pores.

3. Blend, Blend, and Blend

                        If the foundation is not settling down onto your face and giving you that natural look, continue to work it into your skin with a brush. Don’t forget to get your neck!

4. The Magic of Setting Spray and Translucent powder

            For those of us out there with oily skin, topping your foundation with a translucent powder leads to a photo-finish look. For a dewy look try using a setting spray on top of your foundation to leave a luminous glow.


  • Do not overapply

When it comes to natural-looking makeup, less is more! Instead of applying the makeup to your whole face, focus on areas of redness and bumps then slowly spread the remaining foundation throughout the rest of your face.

  • Don’t forget primer

Primer acts as a shield between your skin and makeup. Ensuring that you are using a primer that works for your skin will help with all-day wear and a natural-looking base.

  • Don’t Rush
Makeup is supposed to be a fun process to make ourselves feel better, not worse. Take your time and enjoy the journey!


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    very nice. thank you xotiq for helpful tips 🙏

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