Why Is Clean Beauty A Trend?

Why Is Clean Beauty A Trend?

I guess we all might have heard this term “clean beauty” somewhere or the other… and when we hear the stuff repeatedly all around the globe ….we can say that we are looking at a trend…

Clean and holistic beauty has become exceptionally popular over the recent years…and the beauty industry is teaming up curated organic products more keenly and carefully than ever …

Clean beauty : The beauty Trend of 2022

To begin with, clean beauty is everywhere you look.

 From Sephora stores to the shelves of Target, clean beauty brands and products are increasingly visible on retail shelves (even among the big guns like L'Oreal, who has introduced a few clean beauty lines onto the market, including an entire sub-brand called Nude)...

Clean beauty isn’t a regulated term so it has a different meaning for different people and brands ..for example

  •  For some people it is defined as products made from natural ingredients 
  •  For some customers it is defined as products made from non-toxic and potentially harmful ingredients..

The Brand’s New Love : Clean beauty 

High supply is directly proportional to high demand. While there is a rise in the demand for a certain clothing  brand, your favorite dish, or your most read book which is outsold by a company … What happened in the time of scarcity…?

Of Course there is consumer pressure built up. On the brands and companies to satisfy and cater to the needs of their customer… 

Here are some of the questions that might pop out in your mind as customer : 

  • Be well-aware and well prepared for incorporating healthy life-choices as an imperative part of their day-to-day routine.
  • Be intrigued to know what is the composition of the products e.g.  lipsticks, deodorants, shower gels and moisturizers etc. you are putting on your body 

 All of this shows nothing but a common concern…which is absolutely fine because we all are boarding the same ship….

Healthier lifestyle :“Better Late than Never”

Ever wondered why the voices in our head won’t rest ?

It is probably because we have started to loving ourselves ,better than ever 

Have you ever made an effort to listen to them?

Because why not!

“Self care is self love”

Being a makeup lover and obsessing over new trends and fashion has always been a girly thing right?

we have always looked  up to celebrities and makeup artists' recommendations and reviews to go for a XYZ brand.

The large makeup industry has always put their best cards on the table to play the best games…Hiring the  most eligible media personalities  to promote their market…

But what happened then?

What made a sudden change in the trends?

Yeah you are right !

It us….we did that !

  • We got more conscious as a consumer, for us and for a better and safer  environment
  • We compelled brands to come up to the level of consumer person
  • We asked brands to show us that they really do care

The clean consumer segment got bigger and extended in all age groups from middle aged students or old age groups …all are up and about for cleaner and greener companies..

The clean beauty trends have had an unprecedented growth and surpassed all the other beauty trends  showing their sustainability and gaining popularity among the beauty business…

Why is clean beauty a trend?" will always come back to the same thing: the consumers know what they like. And more and more women are liking brands that offer a wide variety of products which are cruelty-free and sustainable…

So with that in mind, clean beauty will continue to be a trend that continues on into the foreseeable future.

Are they telling you the truth…?

You know what the irony of all this business is?? The company is projecting their image as safe, nature focusing, clean and healthy products, but little do they come up to their claim..

The major reason is the poorly formulated decisions which are based on ill- informed personals ,instead of research on the available scientific data.

 But they won’t let you see that until you try to make an effort and treat yourself the way you want to be treated …

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