What Is Clean Beauty And Why Is It Important?

What Is Clean Beauty And Why Is It Important?

Are you a consumer interested in clean beauty products? 

Do you wish to transition your beauty and personal care products to natural and organic without sacrificing performance? Interested in a holistic approach which focuses on nourishing the body through food, clean water, and air as well as taking care of the environment and the consumer’s health? Or perhaps you are already familiar with clean products, but want to know more about what is trending in the market and how to find the best options.

Regardless of your current position in terms of clean beauty, you will be well-served by learning about what makes up clean beauty, why it is important, and how you can get started investigating this market.

Clean beauty has been something people have always assumed as unattainable, tiresome, high beauty standards only the rich can afford to embark on. We have always bought beauty brands through their  glittery  advertisements –projecting the products whose focus would be the smooth application and making us believe how much we need them to get addicted. They would never tell you what's going in your body, on your face or in the environment ranging from toxic chemicals to unfair means of achieving them.

“Clean Beauty products were created with better ingredients that are healthier for the skin and planet. It is important to buy clean beauty products because we use our bodies as a vessel! Our bodies soak up everything we put on it, even if it's in small amounts. Your  skin is your largest organ and you probably want to feed it with only the best ingredients.

The question I get asked most often is what is clean beauty and why is it important? Why is clean beauty important? There are two main reasons. The first is that there are toxic chemicals and additives in the cosmetic products we use on a daily basis. They can be absorbed through our skin, ingested, and/or inhaled, all of which can put stress on our bodies and hormones. That can lead to increased risks for cancer, heart disease, endocrine dysfunction, and reproductive issues to name a few. Clean beauty reflects the use of quality healthy ingredients that are as natural as possible. 

This type of beauty will promote your overall well-being, without sacrificing our health.. Healthy cosmetics will not only improve your appearance but also your outlook on life..”

How Do You Get Started?

With a growing number of companies being eco-friendly and using clean ingredients, it’s becoming more important to know about clean beauty. For example, the ingredient paraben has been banned in some countries because it can cause health hazards such as skin aging and breast cancer. Parabens are able to mimic estrogen and disrupt the endocrine system and it has been found that they are able to cause cancer in humans.

So how to get started?

A clean beauty routine is not only full of acne-fighting and skin-healing ingredients, it’s also free of toxins, free of harmful chemicals and free of filler ingredients. Some people call this process detoxification, but that word seems harsh. The truth is we’re exposed to a ton of toxic chemicals in our environments, and those chemicals are stored up in our bodies; a daily skincare routine that avoids these harmful chemicals can be incredibly beneficial.

You’re probably wondering what clean beauty is. After all, your favorite brands are already giving you their best with the latest launches, promises to be full of products that are as natural as they can get. Being a clean beauty brand also means it is vegan, organic, and cruelty-free.

“Beauty without baggage”

Clean cosmetic is a healthier alternative that does not contain harmful ingredients. It is also a good choice for those with allergic skin.  We have published the following reasons why it is important to use clean beauty products.

  • They pose no drawbacks and  health concerns  for those who put them on their skin and hair everyday
  • It pushes us to be more thoughtful with how we buy our products, while also becoming part of a new trendy movement that is all about fighting back against harmful chemicals and substances.
  • It is your right to know what goes into the products you buy and put on your skin.
  • Clean beauty matters—not only because of the high standards it sets for purity in the cosmetic industry but also because it can set a new standard in the way that women like you and me consider our daily beauty routine.

The cosmetics and beauty industry is one of the most deceptive industries in the world. However, now more than ever we have access to both knowledge about and products that are better for us. As a consumer of clean beauty products, you are voting with your dollar, showing big companies that this demand exists. You are really helping the environment by making the choice to use renewable resources and reducing waste disposal.

Penny-wise would be the slang for us to think before getting hooked by any random, synthetic brand, once again tempting us to buy from them. It is our responsibility to educate ourselves and make the best choices that we can for our children. It’s also important to avoid any unnecessary chemicals and toxins in our daily life, as they can cause health problems even if they do go undetected. The first step in accomplishing this task is recognizing that there are alternatives out there to meet your needs. 

Once you understand this concept, it’s easier to make those changes that are necessary to live a cleaner lifestyle.

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