The Social Stigma Around Hemp

The Social Stigma Around Hemp
The Social Stigma Around Hemp
It's hard to separate the word "hemp" from an image of Snoop Dogg rolling one up with the homies even if, in reality, the nature of Hemp better resembles sipping a cup of tea while essential oils are diffusing in the background. This juxtaposition creates a social stigma around Hemp, especially in skincare and makeup, despite its innumerable health benefits because there are still some myths still floating around. To help bust the social stigma around Hemp, we need to better understand what Hemp is, how it works, and which information about Hemp is fact vs fiction.
What is Hemp?
Hemp-derived compounds some of which naturally occur in the body and are known to help with relaxation and wellness. It does not have psychoactive effects and is known to help fight acne and has calming properties when ingested. 
Many of the following misconceptions are common, so we are here to educate you about what is true and false so you can confidently reap the benefits of Hemp that so many people are raving about today!
1. Hemp will get you high - myth
While Hemp comes from natural plant, it contains little to no psychoactive effects. If you are ingesting Hemp or applying it topically, you don’t need to worry about feeling anything but a little calmer. 
Also, be sure to keep an eye out for whether the Hemp is full-spectrum or isolate. Full spectrum is the hemp in its more natural state, but isolate may be a safer option if you’re worried about drug testing.
2. Hemp can prevent chapped lips - fact
Hemp seed oil is extremely moisturizing and its benefits resemble that of beeswax in lip care. It acts as an antibacterial and antioxidant which helps protect your skin from the elements.
3. Hemp is illegal and can show up on a drug test - myth
Since, as we mentioned before, Hemp
levels are below .3% then it is federally legal! This also means that drug tests do not test for Hemp since it does not have strong 
psychoactive effects. Any cases where it does show up are when there are abnormally high amounts of the strain, and in general, Hemp consumption is in such small quantities this is not an issue since you would need to consume over 1000mg of Hemp for this to be a concern.
4. Hemp can be used for wellness
 - fact
Whether applied topically or ingested, Hemp can help sooth and calm effort all over your body. On the skin, it can help reduce acne. Its antibacterials and antioxidants are paired with its moisturizing effects to create the perfect product for sensitive skin.
Incorporating Hemp into your life 
Hemp comes in many forms which makes it easy for you to find something comfortable for you. There are edible forms, such as gummies, tinctures, which you drop under your tongue, and topical options, such as lipsticks and lotions. Each has slightly different benefits for your body, but all result in an overall improved well being. 
There is a lot of new research still being done on Hemp and its benefits, so some important things to keep in mind are that high doses may not be safe if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, according to the FDA.
Incorporating Hemp in small aspects of your life, whether a lipstick or a tincture, can help improve your overall well being through the power of one natural ingredient. When ingested it is soothing and restorative and when applied topically it can reduce inflammation and create glowing healthy skin. Remember, it’s totally safe and legal so give it a try, you might love it!

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