How to Prevent Dry, Chapped Lips [4 Lip-Saving Tips You Should Know]

Closeup photo of chapped woman's lips

Have you ever suffered from severely chapped lips? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Chapped lips aren’t such an uncommon problem, all of us will face lip dryness and cracked lips no matter the season. While having dry lips can be very irritating, there are many different ways to treat it. Luckily, the remedies are very simple and inexpensive! But before we discuss treatment, let’s talk about what causes chapped lips.

What causes chapped lips?

Closeup photo of woman touching her dry, chapped lips

Ouch, chapped lips are a pain, but what truly causes our lips to peel?

  1. Licking your lips- A common misconception is that licking your lips can stop your lips from being chapped but, saliva from the tongue can strip the lips from its natural moisture.
  1. Dehydration- When your body is dehydrated, your lips are prone to dryness. Ideally, you should drink about eight glasses of water per day to prevent dryness.
  1. Cold Weather- We all know with the cold winter season comes dryness! Little humidity is known to cause chapped lips.
  1. Allergic Reaction- Certain medications or health problems can cause chapped lips.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk treatment!

Tips to recover from chapped lips

  1. Exfoliate

Photo of assorted Lush lip scrubs

Regular exfoliation helps improve skin texture and keep the skin looking fresh. Although, when beginning to use lip exfoliators start with once a week. Don’t scrub too hard or use harsh ingredients as it could lead to irritating wounds on your lips. Lush offers an organic lip scrub that exfoliates and removes dead skin. If buying a lip scrub doesn’t fit into your budget, you can also DIY a scrub at home! Check out these Top 18 DIY Homemade lip scrubs!
  1. Use hypoallergenic and fragrance-free lip balm

Photo of Aquaphor Lip Repair Balm

Moisturizing your lips is very important whether you’re suffering from chapped lips or not. It should be implemented into your skincare routine in the morning and at night. A great tip is to keep a spare lip balm with you during the day. Whether that be in your car, your purse or even your pocket. But which lip balm is the best? To prevent irritation, it’s recommended that you use a hypoallergenic and fragrance-free lip balm. An affordable option that the dermatologist recommended, Aquaphor Lip Repair Ointment. The best way to bring back moisture to your lips is applying a hydrating lip balm.

  1. Use a humidifier

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As we all know, the cold dry air sucks the moisture from your skin causing dryness, dullness, and flaking. Humidifiers can help stop this problem during the winter months. They can be effective to prevent dryness of the skin, nose throat, and lips. Also, they can ease some symptoms of the flu or common cold. Right before you go to bed just remember to turn on your humidifier and wake up feeling refreshed!

  1. Drink water

Closeup photo of woman drinking a glass of water

We all know how important it is to drink lots of water every day to stay hydrated. Make sure to drink about eight glasses of water everyday to stay hydrated. A great tip is to add a reminder on your phone or around your home to drink water!

Constantly suffering from chapped lips can feel like an overwhelming problem, but with these tips you can begin moisturizing your lips and hydrating your skin overall!

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