How to Avoid the Toxic Halloween Costume Makeup Using Vegan Cosmetic Products; A Trick or A Treat?

Photo of family size horror makeup kit

Halloween is just around the corner and what goes better with Halloween than candy?? MAKEUP! So, time to get ready or practice our scary skeletons and glitter fairy faces...WAIT...STOP!!

Are you using a safe product for long wear?

Did you protect your skin from the toxic chemicals seeping into your pores??

Do you know what harmful cosmetic ingredients are on your skin for hours at a time???

The answer is probably not. There are some spoooooky ingredients in Halloween costume makeup that is harmful for your skin and bodies.

But, don't worry, you can avoid using the costume stuff and achieve the same HAUNTING or Enchanting looks that are more safe and sure to WOW everyone with vegan friendly cosmetics lines!

Yes, it's possible to get SUPER TRENDY looks with a blast of color and Special Effects (SFX) using clean cosmetic products and not chemically formulated Halloween costume makeup!

Avoid the Toxins

Those products are full of alcohols, perfumes, artificial dyes, Micah, oils, adhesives, and waxes which can all irritate your skin.

So, don’t fall for the trick; that Halloween makeup is smothering your skin!

Eerily creeping its way out just to breathe!

Especially if you’ll be wearing the products for an extensive amount of time, on children’s faces and bodies, or if you’ll be sweating! Who isn’t sweating when they are chasing after kids? I know I do!

An interesting fact about one of the most common toxic ingredients in Halloween costume makeup involves a myth about BATS! The scary bat! Creature of the night, mysterious, likes cold dark caves, and pretty gross if you ask me!

The connection you ask?


A Spanish word meaning “dung” referencing to well...bat poo; which a lot of people believe is in mascara.

But, don’t be fooled again! It's another trick!

It is most often mistaken for the harmful cosmetic ingredient “Guanine”. Guanine is made of fish scales!! Not bat poo. This substance is extremely common in costume makeup and Halloween makeup. It’s used for highlighting, light reflecting, and shimmery effects.

So, unless you decided to take the costume of a fish to be literal for Halloween, I don't imagine wearing fish scales all night being very pleasant?


Plus, using these products may have some repercussions after application and the next morning. Isopropyl Palmitate is one of the leading causes of pustular acne and skin rashes, which is also found in a lot of Halloween costume makeup due to it's heavy and thick nature.

Choosing a vegan or clean beauty line to create an AWESOME Halloween look will help relieve stress knowing you aren't causing harm to your skin and enjoy a SPOOKTACULAR night! Here are some Halloween makeup "treats" you can use to replace those toxic "tricks".

Make the Switch. Here's How:

Make Your Own SFX Blood

Photo of SFX blood on makeup palette

You'll need:

  • A red lipstick
  • A black liquid eyeliner
  • A thick clear gloss
  • A fluffy makeup brush

Now to make A witch’s potion!

Go ahead and cut of some of the lipstick into a small mixing bowl. Take the liquid liner and add a few drops...remember the more you add the deeper red you'll get.

Stir in the clear gloss and "get ta mixin" as I would say. You'll then take the makeup brush end up or down and put it where you need in order to look like the beautiful vampiress that you are!!

  • For A Splatter effect, use the bristle side
  • For A Placed oozy effect, use the handle side

Shelby Christian Artistry vampire makeup look

Wounds? No problem!

You'll need:

  • Non-toxic glue stick
  • Eye shadow (purple & red)
  • Translucent powder
  • Red lipstick/ red gloss/ blood concoction
  • Foundation of your skin shade

Grab your lab coats, you may feel like a scientist!

Cut a piece of the glue stick on to a plate, heat it up with a blow dryer. You don't want to melt it down to much; just enough so it molds.

Shape the mold onto your face or body they way you need. Let it dry and set with the Translucent powder. Place your foundation on; then tap the purple and red eye shadow together on the glue mold.

Going for a more aging bruise or "Walking Dead" look? Add some green eye shadow then some blood or red lip gloss will do the trick if you only need a little bit.

Photo of bruised arm

Simplifying the Halloween Look

One-step Freckles

Grab a brown long-wear lip pencil and dot it all over your face. This simple step can give you a natural freckled appearance!

Great for an “Annie” Costume!

Glitter Galore

A beautiful butterfly or dazzled mermaid  have to have glitter! Right?

Mix together non-toxic loose glitter pigment and the lip gloss. Place the mixture where you need shimmer and you'll be transformed!

Need More to Work With

Do you just want to be creative and work with a blank canvas?

You can make your lips and eyebrows disappear with just a few steps.

Photo of eyebrows covered with makeup

Use the non-toxic glue to press your eye brow hairs down. Brush over the way the hairs grow. Dust translucent powder over them. Next you'll lay on your foundation including all over your lips. Voila! You can now decorate that gorgeous canvas of yours, however you see fit!

No Compromises!

The best part of all is if you’re using all vegan, clean, and non toxic cosmetic products to create these effects there won't be any compromises to your skin! There are different ways we can avoid the toxins and still have a hair raising or head turning Halloween look! Plus, they are just as easy to create! Harmful cosmetic ingredients can really put a damper on a fun and exciting night. Let’s stay one-step ahead and protect our skin while still looking fierce!

Tell me what you think. “Witch” clean or vegan cosmetic products would you choose to create one of these looks for your costume on you or your child?

Day After Halloween


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  • Liz Johnston

    This explains so much! I will NEVER buy the Halloween makeup ever again! Every year I would endure an all night itchy face thinking it was my only alternative. I couldn’t wait for the end of the night so I could wash it off, all the while thinking “It’s only for one night”. I have everything I need right in my own makeup bag!

    This year I am totally doing the “blank canvas”! My mind is in overdrive with all the ideas running wild! Thanks!


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