How Can You Choose the Best Lipstick for You?

How Can You Choose the Best Lipstick for You?

Are you searching for a new lipstick? From the color and texture to the ingredients inside, take a look at what you need to consider before you buy.

Which Shade Is the Right Choice?

There's no universal answer to this question. The lipstick color you choose depends on a few factors. These include:

  • Your personal preference. Is a fire engine red shade absolutely everything to you? Or, would you rather wear a subtle pink posy hue? You have your own individual aesthetic—and it includes your lipstick palette.
  • Your skin tone. Fair skin typically pairs well with pinks or reds. Deeper tones may also pair with reds. But orange and coral colors also enhance medium/deep skin shades. 
  • Your skin undertone. Before you buy based on your skin tone, dig deeper and learn more about undertones. Skin has cool (bluish) or warm (yellowish) undertones. Cool undertones pair well with pinks, while warm undertones match better with corals.
  • Your hair. Like skin tone, your hair color can impact the way a lipstick looks. A bold lipstick shade can pop against a light blond hair color. But the same vibrant hue may not seem as noticeable if you have deep/bright red locks. 
  • The occasion. A ruby red hue may seem off on a casual weekend afternoon or at the gym. Instead, neutrals or lighter pinks may match these not-so-dressy occasions. Save the bold, dramatic colors for an evening out or a more formal event.

What happens if you can't find the just-right lipstick color? The answer is easy—pick two. Create your own custom color by layering or mixing more than one lipstick. This type of buildable approach allows you to control and personalize the color.

Which Texture Is the Best Option?

Color isn't the only lipstick choice you need to make. You also need to pick a texture or sheen. Lipstick textures range from shiny glosses to velvety mattes. Glossy lip products can make your lips appear fuller or plumper. But this doesn't mean they will change the size of your pout. The shine creates the illusion of fullness. 

Even though matte lipsticks may not add to the illusion of fullness, they are popular picks for people who want a long-lasting, standout, classic color. Unlike glosses, matte lipsticks typically won't smear or smudge easily. This staying power makes a matte the obvious answer for anyone who doesn't have time to reapply their lipstick often.

Matte lipsticks can also create a natural aesthetic or go in the totally opposite direction. A pretty pink or light coral matte provides a natural glow, while a red or purple adds more than just a hint of drama.

Which Ingredients Are the Best Options?

Lipstick does more than just add color and shine. It can infuse your lips with moisture and help to maintain the health of this delicate skin. But if you choose the wrong ingredients, you could end up with a dry, flaky, or irritated pout.

Instead of synthetics (man-made or chemical ingredients) explore the natural options. Hemp seed, fruit oils, jojoba, vitamin E, cacao butter, and other natural ingredients can nourish your lips. These types of ingredients do everything from reducing swelling and decreasing fine lines to locking in moisture.

Why Choose A Hemp Seed Oil Lipstick?

Hemp seed oil is a natural ingredient that offers benefits galore. The many benefits of this oil include soothing inflammation, moisturizing the skin, moderating oil production, potentially reducing atopic dermatitis, and decreasing the appearance of fine lines. These potential benefits make hemp seed oil-infused products a popular pick for people who want to smooth and soothe their pout. 

Do you want to learn more about lipstick products with hemp seed oil and other natural ingredients? Visit XOTIQ for more information. 

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