Origination of Best Clean Beauty Products

Origination of Best Clean Beauty Products


So you want to finally flip the leaf and switch to better makeup products. Great! Now the next step. What are good beauty products that are clean? Better question; what are clean beauty products? Were they ever clean? Well, 2020 was the new era of using clean beauty products and it was brought along to 2021. What we mean by clean products is toxic chemical free, oil free & animal cruelty free. Clean beauty products are companies or items that are chemical free & cruelty free. Most cosmetic companies tend to use harmful chemicals in their products that don't affect you until years later or is the main cause of acne breakouts with beauty gurus.

The Next Best Question: What Are Some Good Clean Products?

We’re going to be discussing three great products to switch to. 

  1.  Axiology was created by Ericka Rodriguez. Ericka's mission goal with Axiology is to have lipsticks that are hydrating and “evil free” from harmful chemicals that aren’t just bad for us but bad for the environment.

The entire brand is all about a clean lifestyle and the beneficial results of using more organic options. Rodriguez spent years researching on appropriate ingredients that should be used in cosmetics and learned more about the things big cosmetic companies get away with. Due to this research it made Ericka want to make a big difference within the beauty industry.


 2.  Let's dive into the luxury side of clean cosmetics. A brand named Tata Harper made by Tata Harper herself and her husband Henry Harper! Her mission goal is to provide a clean product line that still feels just as luxurious and beneficial to others including herself. Tata's stepfather was diagnosed with cancer.  Tata and her husband decided to look for products to help him to switch to a better lifestyle to help and during their research, they learned that toxic and harmful ingredients were infused into their everyday products ( Including those that were considered  luxury and claimed to be all “natural”.)

Tata and Henry spent 5 years on research and developments on what would become the first Tata Harper product. Tata’s product made a breakthrough within the beauty industry. One that is not just natural and non-toxic, but one that delivers better results than ever before. Tata Harper’s packaging is even organic. Her packaging is made out of glass which is very recyclable. Harpers try to use plastic as less as possible.



3.  Last but not least well be talking about Noyah. Yes it's extremely affordable and cruelty free how perfect is that for our makeup gurus who spend on a budget. To create the cleanest products, they are regularly made with food-grade formulas; nearly all are USDA-certified bio-based. Noyah's natural lipstick  is all about botanical oils, butters, and waxes ( like shea, candelilla, and castor) which come together to make a gorgeous lip color.


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