About Hemp in Makeup and Skincare

About Hemp in Makeup and Skincare

Hemp products have been all the rage lately...but why? Today we will talk about the benefits of Hemp and products that can help you get that glowy skin you desire!

How does it work? Hemp works in conjunction with your endocannabinoid system which signals to your body where you are doing unwell. When your body senses inflammation, it will allow the entrance of Hemp to the area that needs the benefits. If acne and oily skin are common to you, the addition of hemp into your daily routine can be highly beneficial.

1. Heals acne, redness, and inflammation Unfortunately, acne is something that many men and women deal with for many years of their life...and sometimes it feels like it will never go away! The soothing properties are great for individuals who struggle with inflammatory acne such as rosacea. Hemp helps control the oils in your skin that cause acne, such as sebum which causes oily skin and clogged pores. Who can say no to that?

2. Anti-aging properties made to nourish the skin The antioxidant properties found in hemp are extremely effective in anti-aging. Hemp helps even skin tone as well as prevent wrinkles, something everyone wants! It is never too early to start incorporating hemp into your daily skincare routine! Keeping your skin well-moisturized is an important step in having youthful skin. Hemp is best known to moisturize your skin leaving it smooth to the touch.

Our Hemp skincare products of choice...


Vertly Essential Nutrients Face Serum

These are just a few of the many anti-aging Hemp products on the market today. The “Vertly Essential Nutrients Face Serum” has 300 mg of hemp in order to nourish the skin as well as another 24 other active botanicals for anti-aging. Vertly is a brand started by a wife and husband who were interested in the healing properties of hemp. Today, they have an entire line of hemp products made specifically with a therapeutic purpose. All products are made in the United States where the hemp is extracted over a three-week process. The hemp Skincare Co. Exfoliating Cleanser.



This exfoliator contains 100 mg of hemp that works to remove dead skin from the surface and rids pores of dirt. Don’t worry! The exfoliating beads are made of jojoba...no plastic added to the ocean!

The hemp Skincare Co. is a family-owned company run by Natalie Noe and her father where they sell a full range of hemp-infused skincare products. Natalie struggled with psoriasis her whole life and tried everything she could to try and clear her skin but nothing worked. That is when she discovered hemp and all of its benefits. Her personal experience with the healing properties of hemp has led them to start an entire line dedicated to helping others find confidence in their own skin.

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