6 Benefits of Using Hemp Infused Makeup

6 Benefits of Using Hemp Infused Makeup
  1. Hemp is the new hot product in the beauty and skincare world. But why? Most people know very little about Hemp and the many benefits it has on your skin. So I am here to tell you exactly what Hemp is and why you should consider adding it to your beauty routine!

The big question everyone has is, what exactly is Hemp? Hemp has no psychoactive components, so it will not get you high! Hemp has many healing properties and has even been shown to have medical benefits from extensive research. It is super good for your skin and can reduce everything from redness, to rash, to acne, and so much more! Even though Hemp is typically classified in the same category as other hemp-derived products, it is completely legal! So no need to worry about that!

I am going to break down six benefits to adding Hemp into your beauty routine, and I can promise you, it is worth the hype.

  • Hemp has many healing properties, such as antioxidant and calmness benefits

Hemp can actually do wonders for your skin, so why wouldn’t you include it in your makeup routine?

One of the main benefits of Hemp is that it is a natural anti-inflammatory! Some of the anti-inflammation properties in Hemp include Vitamin A, D, E, and essential fatty acids. 

Because of these properties, it has been proven to treat dry skin, psoriasis, and eczema! So many makeup products will dry out your skin due to some of the ingredients, but with Hemp you won’t have that problem. You can look gorgeous and feel great all at the same time!


  • It also has a large number of medical benefits. Some that may even surprise you!

Hemp is more like actual medicine than you may think. It has been proven to treat a wide range of medical diagnoses. 

It is a natural relaxer, so it has been proven to treat sleep apnea, insomnia, and arthritis. Some of the more surprising ones are that Hemp reduces anxiety, chronic pain, cognitive decline, and has even been proven to treat substance abuse disorders! Hemp has also even treated some rare forms of childhood epilepsy! 

So if you have any of these issues, adding Hemp into some of your makeup products could be a way to treat some of your medical concerns, without having to take a ton of prescription pills. Just adding a little bit of Hemp into your daily routine is sure to make all the difference!



  • Sensitive skin? No problem!

The hardest part about finding products if you have sensitive skin is finding the perfect product that won’t send your skin into disarray. Sensitive skin is a problem for so many people and Hemp is one way to make sure you don’t have to worry about your skin freaking out. 

Hemp actually helps soothe sensitive and irritated skin. The soothing properties that are present in Hemp will almost guarantee you won’t have a reaction, regardless how sensitive your skin is. 

The main question everyone is wondering is probably about the weather. Most people with sensitive skin have most of their issues due to weather changes. Hemp is something you can constantly put on your face to keep your skin under control, even during the harshest weather changes. It will keep your skin normalized throughout every season of the year!


  • Hemp can control and even treat acne.

Acne is something many people struggle with, not only in their teen years, but throughout their whole life. Hemp seed oil actually reacts with the oils in your skin, decreasing the oils from your face that typically cause acne. Most acne is also caused by inflammation, and as I described above, Hemp has great wellness effects, so it is sure to fix the problem!

There are already so many solutions to reduce acne, so why Hemp? The most common acne medication is Accutane. Now, if you know anything about Accutane, the side-effects list is a pretty lengthy one. Hemp is actually said to be more effective than Accutane, so why put yourself through all the possible side effects? Another product people use on their skin frequently is retinol. The problem with retinol is that it causes a lot of peeling and dry skin, and typically sends your skin in a spiral before making it better. Hemp works immediately and has NO side effects!

Using Hemp is sure to minimize your breakouts and reduce redness in your skin. This will alleviate so much pain and make your skin look flawless, so you should definitely start using Hemp products if acne is a main skin concern of yours.

  • If fine-lines and wrinkles are a problem for you, Hemp has got your back!

Aging is a natural thing that happens to all women, but for some reason, we try to push it off as long as we possibly can. Why? Because young women are typically considered the most “beautiful.” Aging women will try almost any product in an attempt to look younger, but many of them will actually make your skin worse and make you look older than you even are!

Hemp is an amazing product to use that makes you look younger, without damaging your skin in the process. Since Hemp comes from a plant, it has many anti-aging properties. If you have rugged skin or discoloration, Hemp will help you look youthful and glowy. 

What about wrinkles? YES! Hemp can diminish wrinkles! Makeup gets stuck in wrinkles making your skin look saggy and draws more attention to the wrinkles than when you have no makeup on. So try some Hemp infused makeup to get rid of those wrinkles and look younger than ever!


  • Hemp can even reduce anxiety and depression.

Now this one may surprise you, because it sure surprised me. Today more than ever, people of all ages are struggling with mental health. The rise in social media has women especially more self-conscious than ever before. We constantly try to compare ourselves to the flawless influencers we see online.

Instead of spending a ton of money on anti-depressants that will make you feel lifeless, try incorporating Hemp into your life. Hemp is scientifically proven to reduce stress caused by anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses. So try Hemp and see how it changes your life before resorting to endless doctor visits.



Hopefully now you understand why Hemp is taking over the beauty industry. It has so many benefits for your skin and overall health. Now, go out there and buy yourself some Hemp infused makeup products, and let your beauty shine for the world!









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