5 Household Hacks to Remove Makeup from Clothing

Photo of white collar shirt with lipstick kiss marks on it

Putting on makeup can be messy business. Paper towels everywhere, foundation splattered on the back of your hand, or lipstick rolled off and on to your jeans! Don’t even get me started on the kids; they found out what you’re doing and decided to “join” the fun! Woohoo... let the chaos commence!

Sometimes, making a mess is inevitable.

Luckily, we have comprised a list of 5 hacks to make your life a little easier with removing the makeup out of your clothes. Most of these items are probably just hanging out in your house in the most obvious areas. Little did you know they could be used for so much more like; removing foundation, lipstick stains, and deep set makeup stains from all clothes even after washing them!

The 5 Hacks

1. Shaving Cream

Photo of a hand holding a dollop of shaving cream

Now, some foundations say “transfer resistant” but that’s not always accurate or we spill liquid foundation on our clothes. It happens to best of us! Removing the mishap is fairly simple!

Squirt a couple pumps of shaving cream onto the stain and let it stay for “ten-ish” minutes. Then wipe it off with a COLD wash cloth before tossing the clothing item into the washing machine for a normal wash cycle.

Shaving cream works great because it cuts through the oils lifting the stain right out; next time you’re in the shower remember there’s more uses for that can than just giving you a smooth clean shave!

2. Rubbing Alcohol

This hack is especially great for removing lipstick stains from clothing! Rubbing alcohol breaks down oily and waxy stains which most lipsticks are derived from.

Grab a cotton ball, q-tip, or the corner of a wash cloth with rubbing alcohol soaked on it. Gently dab in circular motions over the makeup stain. Bam! “Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy!”

Side Note: If you have washed your clothes already and the makeup stain or foundation is still there very deep set in the garment, you’ll want to mix the shaving cream and some rubbing alcohol together to loosen the stain before washing again.

A cartoon demonstrating how to combine rubbing alcohol and shaving cream to remove makeup from clothing

3. Hairspray

Another, unlikely, household item we usually have just sitting on our bathroom counter is hairspray! Imagine... you’re having a night out with friends and you notice a makeup stain on the cutest outfit... can’t let that happen!

Pull out the travel size hairspray can and a wet wipe you packed earlier. Spray the stain and let it dry. Then, wipe the makeup stain from the your clothes with the wet wipe and your done!

Please note: the hairspray hack will only remove makeup from your clothes if it contains alcohol. Alcohol free hairspray will have ZERO effect on the stain.

4. Dish Soap (Free & Clear)

Cartoon diagram demonstrating how to dispense dish soap onto clothing to remove makeup

Dish soap is a grease fighting agent. So, putting it up against makeup-soiled clothing and products like foundation, mascara, or BB creams which are oil-based is a “no-brainer”!

Using COLD water, wet the area and lay some dish soap over the makeup stain. Begin to rub the fabric together on its self or use a small toothbrush and scrub until small suds occur. The makeup stain will disappear before your eyes! Lastly, throw the clothing in the wash for a final cleanse.

Try this: A great dish soap to use is “ECOS DISHMATE Dish Liquid." This free, clear, and vegan formula has no fragrance or harmful chemicals so its gentle for those with allergies or sensitivities. But, strong enough to handle any tough grease or stains! It can be found here:

Thrive Market Hypoallergenic Dish Soap, Free & Clear

5. White Vinegar

White vinegar is a household hack that smells a little funny but works wonders to remove powder makeup from clothes. It’ll be diluted with water so the smell won’t be too nose clinching or breath holding!

Whatever you do, DON’T try and rub the powder out or away. All you’ll do is rub the makeup deeper into the clothes, smearing it and making it harder to get out.

Pour a 1:1 ratio of white vinegar and COLD water together in a cup or bowl and stir lightly. Place a part of the washcloth in the mixture and then proceed to dab it onto the makeup powder until the stain fades away from the clothes.

Photo of liquid foundation and brush spilled onto white shirt

**A Tip You Won’t Want To Forget: When removing makeup stains from clothing and water is involved remember, COLDER IS BETTER. You’ll want to use cold water or even ice because hot water has a tendency to spread the stain. Less is best when trying to lift the stain!

Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover

There are so many products that have multiple uses we aren’t even aware of. All it takes is being a little creative and thinking outside the box! Utilizing these household hacks to remove makeup from our clothes can be time saving and cost effective!

I’ll be looking at shaving cream and hairspray very differently next time I’m in my jam!

Tell us What you Think: What tough makeup stain do you have a hard time removing from your clothes and which hack are you going to try next?







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